The Darkening Of the Light:

A Buffyverse Darkfic Community

Buffyverse Darkfic
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This is a community for all dark fanfiction relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.

What is darkfic? It is fanfiction of the horrorific, murderous, scary, melencholy, cyncical, and, um, all around dark bent. If you think it's darkfic, it probably is.

The Rules:

1- Discussion, fanfic & fanart relating to the darker side of the fandom are all acceptable.

2- Fics should be placed behind and LJ-Cut and clearly labeled as to their rating and content. This means stating the general nature of the darkness within, esp. murder and/or rape.

3- Criticism and dissent are ok, bashing, insulting and ranting are not. If you want to criticize the moral content of anyone's story, do so in a respectful fashion.

This community is moderated by myself, antonrex.